1707D has arrived at Blackstone!


1707D has arrived at Blackstone!

08 Feb 2021, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1707D

In recent news, 1707D has arrived at Blackstone after being lifted out of the northern end of Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway’s Box Flat compound, and on to a low-loader for a short trip to Blackstone. This was accomplished on the 23rd/24th of January 2021!.

We have both of our Clyde 60-ton diesel-electric locomotives together for the first time in what could only be over two decades since their last possible opportunity to meet.

As you can see in the photos, 1707D is currently placed on temporary steam era tender bogies until we’re ready to place her on top of her re-conditioned bogies.

The arrival of 1707D at our Blackstone site means work is ready to resume on the restoration of 1707D. We are actively seeking volunteers to assist with the restoration project!

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