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1707D is stored, pending a worker friendly location

1707D's Builders Plate


1707D is the sole survivor of QR’s 1700 class Clyde locos (1700 to 1711) built by Comeng Rocklea, Queensland. The 1700 class filled QR’s need for a light branch line locomotive, more specifically for the western lines, with them spending most of their working lives around Toowoomba, Roma and places west working light freight trains. Introduced from 1963, the hard working and robust little locos had a Co-Co axle configuration, weighed 59 tonnes and were powered by an EMD 8-567 CR (2 stroke) engine developing 652kw (875hp). 1707D itself began revenue service on the 11th November 1963 and was withdrawn from service in January 2001.

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