Hosed and Loaded

11 Jan 2015, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1225, 1707D

Our working bee on Sunday had both of our old girls receiving attention. 1707D had it’s load regulator / Viking fuel pump reinstalled, with the job of connecting up the various hoses partially completed. 1225’s engine has had a liberal application of lubricant to assist…

Working Bee Change

07 Oct 2012, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1225, News

From next month working bees will be held on the first¬†Sunday¬†of every month rather than Saturday. We have done this in the hope that more people will be available on Sundays rather than Saturdays when many people have to work. Therefore the next working be…

Short one today …

04 Aug 2012, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1225, News

The working bee today was a short one and involved finishing the removal of the Air Cleaner and gradually unbolting the first exhaust manifold casting to start working our way to the top of the first cylinders. Unfortunately we didn’t get as far as we…

Engine Inspection

07 Jul 2012, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1225, News

Today’s working bee involved a closer look at the engine on 1225. At the moment it is known that water is definitely in the engine of 1225, however the extent of the damage is hard to tell without the ability to get the heads off….

First Working Bee for 2011

09 Mar 2011, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1225, News

The first working bee for 2011 took place on Saturday 26th February. The cab of 1225 has been cleaned up of larger debris but still needs a vacuum cleaner through it. The resident 8-legged wildlife were exterminated with a thorough spraying from cab to hood….

1225 Move Complete!

04 Dec 2010, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1225, News

The Friday, 3rd December move went pretty much according to plan and 1225 now lives at Swanbank! Check out images and videos of the move below. – Paul Henderson (29:51) – Dean Stalker (39:08) – Colin Power (7:17)

1225 on the move!

01 Dec 2010, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1225, News

This Friday, 3rd December at 12 noon, will see train #7B02 haul 1225 from LMD at Redbank to QPSR at Swanbank. Arrival time at QPSR is expected to be around 12.50 p.m.

Continuing Track Work

05 Jun 2010, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1225, 1707D, News

The track had settled over the previous few weeks so a few touch ups were made a few Saturdays ago with more Ash and Coalstone going under the sleepers to keep 1225 on the tracks at QPSR. 1707D has also had a pressure clean pending…

Track Work for 1225

22 May 2010, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1225, News

Over the past few months volunteers have been working hard to prepare the track at QPSR where 1225 will stand during its restoration progress. Many thanks go to the volunteers for their hard work!