1707D has arrived at Blackstone!

08 Feb 2021, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1707D

In recent news, 1707D has arrived at Blackstone after being lifted out of the northern end of Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway’s Box Flat compound, and on to a low-loader for a short trip to Blackstone. This was accomplished on the 23rd/24th of January 2021!.

We have both of our Clyde 60-ton diesel-electric locomotives together for the first time in what could only be over two decades since their last possible opportunity to meet.

As you can see in the photos, 1707D is currently placed on temporary steam era tender bogies until we’re ready to place her on top of her re-conditioned bogies.

The arrival of 1707D at our Blackstone site means work is ready to resume on the restoration of 1707D. We are actively seeking volunteers to assist with the restoration project!

1741D update!

30 Jan 2021, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1741D

Work may have been hampered somewhat with COVID-19 related restrictions, however it is progressing.

Here are a few photos of progress to date, January 2021.

1741D Cab Restoration Update

21 Apr 2020, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1741D

The following photos show the progress of 1741D’s cab restoration over the last 3 years …

1741D work has begun!

02 Feb 2017, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1741D

Many years out in the rain, and also water egress testing at Redbank has meant plenty of rust has had a chance to take hold around the cab structure. So one of the early pieces of work is to attack and remediate the oxidisation.

The driver’s side front and side inner wall panels were removed to allow us to gain access to the external sheeting.

1741D arrives at Blackstone

09 Dec 2016, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1741D

1741D has arrived at its temporary home at Blackstone, Ipswich, Queensland!

From here, work will begin prepping her for starting which involves replenishing all removed fluids, batteries and of course fuel. Mechanically she is considered to be in running condition. Cosmetics will be remedied further down the track (so to speak) where she will need to a bit of TLC due to corrosion/rust issues.

See more photos of the delivery in 1741D’s page.

1707D work has been halted for the moment.

03 Nov 2015, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1707D

All work on 1707D at the QPSR compound Box Flat has been halted since September 1st awaiting its transfer to Number 4 Road for panel repairs and painting to occur. No further work to the Cab is possible unless welding repairs are carried out.

Until the QPSR Board organise this to happen further work upon 1707D is not in any way feasible.

The assembly of the bogies will begin once components arrive back from Mackay.

1707D Update

11 Feb 2015, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1707D

Photos of load regulator and fan fitted, We have some plumbing to refit to the load regulator and finish tensioning the fan on the shaft.
Sunday 8th Workday Thanks to all who assisted.

1707 8.2.15 (2)

Hosed and Loaded

11 Jan 2015, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1225, 1707D

Our working bee on Sunday had both of our old girls receiving attention. 1707D had it’s load regulator / Viking fuel pump reinstalled, with the job of connecting up the various hoses partially completed. 1225’s engine has had a liberal application of lubricant to assist in freeing her engine up. At least one stroke was managed in barring over the engine, but more progress will be attempted in a few weeks to allow the diesel to soak in around the cylinder heads.

Working Bee – Fuel Tank Repairs

06 Oct 2014, Posted by admin_qdrg in 1707D

This Working Bee concentrated on repairs to the fuel tank.

  • The Fuel tank was moved so the suction pipe could be repaired and replaced;
  • The Fuel tank had new mounting bolts and inspection plate bolts replaced;
  • Further work was carried out in the cab
  • Further repairs are required to the air box drains and the fuel filling points.

New Mounting Bolts

New Mounting Bolts